Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Awards are  prizes awarded to first authors of high quality MICCAI papers.
The nominees had to be full-time student at a recognized university or have been a student at most two years before the paper submission deadline.
The Young Scientist Awards were coordinated by Sebastien Ourselin, University College London.
An award committee composed of 5 members, voted on selecting the top papers by majority voting.
Among 30 papers corresponding to the eligible orals and papers with highest weighted average reviewing score , the top 13 papers were selected and then ranked by a second vote.

The 5 awardees are :

  • Hang Su for his paper entitled :"Phase Contrast Image Restoration Via Dictionary Representation of Diffraction Patterns", authored by Hang Su, Zhaozheng Yin, Takeo Kanade, and Seungil Huh
  • Eli Gibson, for his paper entitled :"Registration accuracy: How good is good enough? A statistical power calculation incorporating image registration uncertainty" authored by Eli Gibson, Aaron Fenster and Aaron D. Ward
  • Stephanie Marchesseau for her  paper entitled "Cardiac Mechanical Parameter Calibration based on the Unscented Transform",  authored by Stephanie Marchesseau, Herve Delingette, Maxime Sermesant, Kawal Rhode, Simon G. Duckett, C. Aldo Rinaldi, Reza Razavi, and Nicholas Ayache
  • Roland Kwitt for his paper entitled :"Recognition in Ultrasound Videos: Where am I?", authored by Roland Kwitt, Nuno Vasconcelos, Sharif Razzaque, and Stephen Aylward
  • Robin Wolz, for his paper entitled :"Multi-organ Abdominal CT Segmentation using hierarchically weighted Subject-specific Atlases", authored by Robin Wolz, Chengwen Chu, Kazunari Misawa, Kensaku Mori, Daniel Rueckert

8 students received an honourable mention :

  • Berkin Bilgic, for his paper entitled "Accelerated Diffusion Spectrum Imaging with Compressed Sensing using Adaptive Dictionaries", authored by  Berkin Bilgic, Kawin Setsompop, Julien Cohen-Adad, Van Wedeen, Lawrence L. Wald, Elfar Adalsteinsson
  • Sylvain Merlet for his paper entitled "Parametric dictionary learning for modeling EAP and ODF in diffusion MRI", authored by  Sylvain Merlet, Emmanuel Caruyer, Rachid Deriche
  • Bernard Ng for his paper entitled "Novel Sparse Graphical Approach for Multimodal Brain Connectivity Inference", authored by Bernard Ng, Gaël Varoquaux, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Bertrand Thirion
  • Moti Freiman for his paper entitled "Reliable assessment of perfusivity and diffusivity from diffusion imaging of the body", authored by  M. Freiman, S.D. Voss, R.V. Mulkern, J.M. Perez-Rossello, M.J. Callahan, S.K. Warfield
  • Caitlin Schneider for her paper entitled "Remote Ultrasound Palpation for Robotic Interventions using Absolute Elastography", authored by Caitlin Schneider, Ali Baghani, Robert Rohling, Septimiu Salcudean
  • Wenzhe Shi for his paper entitled "Registration using sparse free-form deformations", authored by Wenzhe Shi, Xiahai Zhuang, Luis Pizarro, Wenjia Bai, Haiyan Wang, Kai-Pin Tung, Philip Edwards, Daniel Rueckert
  • Marc-Alexandre Côté, for his paper entitled "Tractometer: Online Evaluation System for Tractography", authored by  Marc-Alexandre Côté, Arnaud Boré, Gabriel Girard, Jean-Christophe Houde, Maxime Descoteaux
  • Juan Eugenio Iglesias, for his paper entitled "Incorporating Parameter Uncertainty in Bayesian Segmentation Models: Application to Hippocampal Subeld Volumetry", authored by Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Mert Rory Sabuncu, Koen Van Leemput, ADNI


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