Final Camera Ready Paper Version

Submitting your final camera ready paper

(before 12th June 2012)

Only authors with accepted papers should prepare a final camera ready paper.

Papers must meet the following 3 conditions in order to appear in the Proceedings of MICCAI 2012:

  1. Authors should address the review comments provided by external reviewers and Program Committee Members. It will be checked by Program Chairs.

  2. Authors should provide before June 12th 2012 a zip file with the source of the camera ready version, the copyright form (see below).

  3. At least one author should be registered at the MICCAI 2012 conference before June 19th 23:50 PST via the online payment website of MICCAI 2012.

Step 1: Prepare your revised manuscript

  • Make sure your revised manuscript addresses as much as possible all required changes outlined by the reviewers and Program Committee members.

  • Keep note of modified content as this information will be required in the final submission form accessible in the MICCAI 2012 submission site.

Step 2: Prepare your final camera ready paper and complete copyright form

  • The proceedings will be published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science in both Electronic and paper versions by Springer. Please read carefully the information for authors from Springer. You must use the LNCS templates (LaTeX2e or Word) available on the Springer website to prepare your paper.

  • The proceedings will be prepared in full-colour and the maximum number of pages for your final paper is 8 (including abstract and references). Note that since Springer will enforce their formatting rules, (even if you have modified them), it is extremely important that you strictly adhere to the guidelines (i.e. remove vspaces, smaller margins). The editors reserve the right to reject papers that are over the 8 page limit in the final version.

  • Make sure that Springer standard for bibliographical references is strictly enforced. This is detailed in section 2.7 of the LNCS author guidelines. This is important for instance when citing previous MICCAI proceedings.

  • Create a directory with the following source files:
  1. For example, LaTeX2e files (*.tex) for the text and PS/EPS/JPG/PDF/PNG files for all figures.
  2. Use consistent names for your source files: paperXXX.pdf, paperXXX.tex... where XXX is your paper ID.
  3. Any further style files and fonts you have used together with your source files and that are not generally available at CTAN.
  4. Final PDF file (for reference, )
  5. RTF files (for word-processing systems other than LaTeX/TeX)
  • Download and complete the MICCAI 2012 copyright form, which can be signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all authors. Scan your signed copyright form and save it as a JPG or PDF file. Copyright forms should only be provided in an electronic format.

  • Zip the directory containing these files (including the digital copy of the signed copyright form) together and name it using your MICCAI 2012 paper submission ID (for example:, where 1246 is your paper ID number).

Step 3: Fill the Final Submission Form

  • Log in the MICCAI 2012 submission site. If you are the corresponding author of the paper, you will see a link "Submit the final version". Click on it.

  • Fill the final submission form by providing :
  1. An updated version of the title of the paper (if necessary)
  2. The list of revisions and changes made in the revised manuscript.
  3. Contact name and contact email.
  4. The location of the zip file including the source files and copyright form.
  5. The URL and description of the supplementary material (if necessary)
  6. The PDF of the letter of eligibility for Student Travel Award and/or Young Scientist Award (if applicable).
  • An email confirming (or not) the validity of your final submission will be sent to the corresponding author. This confirmation may take several additional days as it involves manually checking each final submission.


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