Review Process

The MICCAI review process is based on the guidelines prepared by the MICCAI Board of Directors in order to ensure consistency over the MICCAI conference series.  If you have questions please contact

The review is performed by two committees:
  • External Reviewers provide an evaluation for a limited number of papers (around 4 papers per reviewer on average), each paper assigned to at least 3 external reviewers. The reviewers are recruited by the program chairs, and their competence is carefully verified in consultation with PC members and senior MICCAI scientists.
  • Program Committee (PC) Members assign external reviewers and make final recommendations for a subset of submitted papers. The list of PC members can be found on the conference web site .

Each PC member acts both as a Primary and a Secondary PC member:
  • Primary PC Member knows the identity of the authors and manages the assignment of reviewers for about 10 papers. He/She leads the rebuttal process with the external reviewers, and writes a brief summary report. The Primary PC member does not make any recommendation or decision about the paper.
  • Secondary PC Member does not know the identity of the authors and makes a recommendation for around 15-20 papers. Each paper discussed at the PC meeting will have 2 independent recommendations from secondary PC members.

The outline of the process and expected timeline is as follows:
  • Assignment of PC Members (March 2nd- March 11th). Paper submission has closed. Each paper is assigned to one Primary PC Member and two Secondary PC members. The Primary and Secondary PC members are assigned based on the preferences of the author and the subject matter of the paper, both entered by the author in the paper submission form.
  • Assignment of External Reviewers (March 12th- March 21th). The Primary PC member assigns at least three external reviewers to evaluate the paper while making sure that there is no conflict of interest.
  • Review by External Reviewers (March 16th- April 10th). External reviewers work on their review without knowing the identity of authors. The Primary PC member monitors the build-up of reviews and contact reviewers if their reviews lack in content or tone.
  • Early rejection (April 13th). The papers for which all reviewers recommend rejection are rejected with no further consideration. External reviews of those papers are sent to the authors.
  • Rebuttal Submission (April 13th- April 17th). For the remaining papers, the authors receive the external reviews and are invited to submit a short rebuttal.
  • Rebuttal Discussion (April 18th - April 24th). Rebuttals are sent to the Primary PC member and the external reviewers who carefully study the reviews and the rebuttal. The Primary PC member engages reviewers in a discussion, urges them to update their reviews, and produces a brief report about their discussion. Throughout the entire process, the Primary PC member refrains from influencing the external reviewers in expressing their unbiased and anonymous professional opinion.
  • Recommendation from secondary PC members (April 25th - May 6th). For each paper, the two Secondary PC members consider the external reviews, rebuttal, and discussion report and make a recommendation about acceptance or rejection of the paper and may also recommend the paper for oral presentation and awards. In making the recommendation, Secondary PC members do not know the identity of the authors and the external reviewers.
  • Final Decisions (May 7th - May 20th). The program chairs compile all recommendations and the Program Committee finalizes decisions about acceptance or rejection, oral talks and award nominations during the PC meeting that will take place in Nice on May 12-13. The award winners are decided later by the MICCAI award committee chaired by a designated board member.
  • Notification of acceptance (May 16th). The authors are notified about the decision.  They will receive the anonymous reviews, without identifying the Secondary PC member and external reviewers. In case of a procedural error, the authors may submit a formal complaint to the Program Chairs who will promptly investigate the case.
  • Preparation of camera-ready (May 23rd - June 11th). The accepted papers must be finalized for publication in the proceedings. Final papers are due before June 12th 2012. Papers not received by this deadline will not be included in the program.


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